Amidst performances renowned soprano Patricia Racette is available and excited to bring her ideas of artistry to young singers. Ms. Racette has presented Master Classes for vocalists at the Juilliard School, San Francisco Opera, The San Francisco Conservatory of Music, and The Santa Fe Opera, among others. She writes the following about her intensive seminar INTEGRATIVE ARTISTRY:

"We live in a time where artists are asked to deliver -- deliver not only competency but a transportive performance experience -- delivered both skillfully and perhaps more importantly -- truthfully. Through my seminars, which I envision to function like an extended master class, I wish to impart and encourage the importance of integrative performance, not only concentrating on the sometimes over-prioritized attention to vocal study in isolation, but also turning the lens to movement and interpretation so that a balanced collision of artistic cohesion occurs. While each factor warrants specific study, it is the functional and appreciable integration of these aspects that give the artist the chance to formulate his/her own identity through music and text.

Let me take it one step further: my wish is to tap into the natural instincts and abilities of each artist while addressing and improving the inevitable limitations that surface in every singing performer. The desired result is to draw upon the unique and personal interpretive thumbprint of each artist as s/he brings to life the narrative of every character while attending to the many requirements of vocal technique, musical style, and linguistic proficiency and authenticity."

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Patricia at The San Francisco Conservatory of Music
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